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Are you a Supplier?
I would like to introduce our company as we may be in a position to help market and sell your products and or services in exchange for a negotiated percentage of the profit from each item that we sell, these profits would then be shared with the organisations that are our partners.

We are an online retail company based in Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland. We specialise in fund raising primarily for organisations with an established supporter base such as charities, schools, churches and clubs of various kinds. A great many people that support these organisations are often quite affluent with a high disposable income and therefore extremely sort after as potential customers.

Once an organisation agrees to become one of our partners they get access to the following products and services that are provided by us or our third party suppliers, in exchange we get access to their supporter base effectively making them our potential customers and those of our suppliers.

  Free seasonal catalogues featuring around 60-80 specially selected items that will also be featured at our online store. Catalogues are then printed in bulk and overprinted in smaller quantities and delivered to our partners for distribution to their supporters. Every time an organisations supporter makes a purchase they will receive up to 50% of the profit that we make on each item sold.
  Call Centre order processing allowing a partner's supporter to place orders by phone.
  Direct Mail allowing goods to be ordered by post.
  Site to Site links that allow partner's supporters to click on links placed throughout their web site that redirect their supporters to our store where there will be hundreds of items to choose from mostly supplied by drop shipment or alternatively sold to us sale or return and stored and dispatched from our distribution centre.

We also offer telephone marketing by where we could instruct our call centre to make a follow up call to establish if the catalogue has arrived with our partner’s supporter. They will then be asked if they would like to purchase something from it or alternatively would they make a seasonal donation. They would be thanked for their ongoing support of the organisation that we are calling on behalf of.

Other services available include the catalogues being mailed directly to the partner’s supporters for an additional charge or they have the option of a reduced commission to what they would normally receive. It would amount to a reduction of between 10-15% but at the same time call centre marketing can increase sales by more than 100% than what would otherwise be normally expected of sales.
Below is material that will give you a further insight on what we do as a company:
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