About Us  

Marnix Garner has worked full time for eight years in various design companies gaining valuable experience as a graphic designer and artworker.

Since 1999 he started to work freelance due to redundancy and developed 'Marnix Garner' into a design service catering for small to medium sized businesses.

To maximise flexibility with client's budgets we work with Indian developers on websites when necessary to keep costs down, otherwise should the project require a 'local' team, then this is also possible but at a bigger expense.

How we Work

We often have a strategic input from the start of a project after we have delved into the needs and expectations you have by asking lots of questions and debating the brief. This will help to ensure that the eventual brief fulfils your business objectives.

On other occasions you may have small specific jobs. Either way, we deliver the skills, knowledge and expertise to drive and manage the project from concept to completion.

We will leave you with a design solution that is unique, memorable and most importantly, effective!

Marnix Garner - Graphic Design and Website Design